Comprehensive training

At MindWare, we go to great lengths to understand and adapt to the needs of our researchers. We provide comprehensive training on everything from using our hardware to acquire physiological data from participants to analyzing the collected measures using one of our analysis applications.

We offer remote (internet-based) and onsite (in-person) training options. Before scheduling a remote or onsite training session, we kindly ask that you please review our free Training Guides. We continuously review the common training questions we receive and update these articles to include the answers.


Remote training

MindWare offers both paid and free remote training options. The paid training option offers the most robust availability schedule and allows for sessions lasting more than one hour.

To schedule a paid remote training session, please contact a sales representative and outline your training needs or questions.

To schedule a free training session, please click here.

The free training option has reserved availability and is limited to a one-hour session.


On-Site training

Want a more personalized training appropriate for larger groups? Schedule a trip from one of our trainers to visit your lab and train on data collection and/or analysis. Or, if you want training before you have a lab to use, schedule a session at our office.

To get started, please contact a sales representative with your training needs or questions.

Price varies based on travel costs and time on-site. Contact one of our sales representatives for details.

Your questions answered.

Topics that may be covered during a training session (remote or on-site):

  • Data Analysis
    • Basic application configuration
    • In-depth walkthrough of specific analysis
      • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
      • Cardiac Impedance (IMP)
      • Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
      • Electromyography (EMG)
      • Blood Pressure Variability (BPV)
      • Basic Signal Analysis (BSA)
    • Data cleaning/artifact removal
    • How to deal with “bad” data
    • Exporting results
    • Analysis workflow
  • Electrode placement and subject hookup
  • Recognizing good vs. bad data
  • Data Acquisition using BioLab
    • Basic application configuration
    • Signal scaling and filtering
    • Events and triggering
    • Data synchronization

For a list of topics covered during a seminar, please view our event announcements page for details.

Additional learning opportunities.

Our team is here to help.


Attend a seminar.

Watch our event announcements or sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming seminars with open registration.


Host a seminar.

Host a training seminar where one of our experts can educate your group on the scientific basis for different physiology measures, their psychological significance, and practical signal acquisition/analysis.

Stay up to date.

Seminars can be put on for a single lab, an entire department, or open to public registrations. The appropriate audience size varies by topic and scope of the seminar.

Common seminar topics include:
Impedance Cardiography
Heart Rate Variability
Electrodermal Activity
Facial Electromyography

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