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Sensors & Lab Supplies – MindWare Technologies


• Our electrodes are engineered for high quality recordings and long term use with minimal motion artifact
• Both ECG/ICG and GSC electrodes are available
• Exceeds AAMI standards, latex free and hypoallergenic
• Same day shipping when ordered through our webstore

Facial EMG supplies

All supplies needed for collecting facial EMG data including:
• Abrasive lotion and cotton tip applications for site preparation
• Reusable 4mm and 8mm electrodes designed for measuring small muscles of the face, compatible with the MindWare Mobile and BioNex data collection systems
• Gel and syringes for filling electrodes


Accessories for measuring common signals such as:
• Plethysmography (Finger or Ear)
• Respiration
• Movement and acceleration
• Skin temperature
• Blood pressure (momentary and continuous)
Compatible with the BioNex transducer module, or the MindWare Mobile Transducer interface

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