BioNex Desktop Platform

Central hub of in-lab data collection & integration

• Physiology
• Stimulus presentation & event marking
• Audio/Video
• 3rd party systems (EEG, fNIR, blood pressure, eye tracking)

Build out the BioNex with up to 8 data collection modules based on your specific needs.

Impedance Cardiograph & GSC 2

Cardiac Impedance

4 Channel Bio-Potential


4 Channel Transducer

Blood Pressure
Ear/Finger PLE
Movement (Accelerometry)
Skin Temperature

Rating Response

Realtime Subject Feedback

High Level Pass Through

3rd Party Integration


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Control your experiment with millisecond precision.

Receive start, stop, and event commands from 3rd party stimulus presentation systems.

Measure behavior with synchronous audio/video capture.

Will integrate seamlessly with leading behavioral monitoring software packages.

More information

  • Applications
  • Physiology
    • Electrocardiography
    • Cardiac impedance
    • Skin Conductance
    • Electromyography (EMG)
    • Respiration
    • Plethysmography
    • Blood pressure
    • Movement
    • Audio/Video recording
    • Event marking
    • Subject feedback
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
    • Pre-Ejection Period
    • Stroke Volume & Cardiac output
    • Electrodermal activity
    • Startle response
    • Blood pressure variability
    • Baroreflex sensitivity
    • Threat vs. Challenge
    • Stress
    • Dyadic interactions
    • Emotion regulation
  • Features
    • 8 configurable slots, with up to 32 channels of customizable signal acquisition
    • Synchronous audio/video recording
    • 16 bit A/D conversion
    • High speed data acquisition (greater than 1kS/s across 32 channels)
    • Connectivity via USB cable
    • BNC trigger in/out for device synchronization via TTL pulse
    • 16 lines of synchronous digital input (sampled and stored at analog sample rate)
    • Live event detection, real time event log
    • Programmable gain settings
    • +/-5V, 12V available from back of unit via 1/8″ stereo jack

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