Seamless integration with the MindWare analysis applications.

BioLab is MindWare's acquisition and laboratory integration platform. It can quickly and easily acquire data from the entire line of desktop and wireless hardware.



• Quickly and easily set up the entire line of MindWare data acquisition hardware.

• Recall previously used configurations to support multiple studies using the same hardware.



• Visualize data live with built in scaling and filtering options to ensure data quality throughout the experiment

• Capture live audio and video.



• Synchronize with 3rd party systems including stimulus presentation, audio/video, eye tracking, EEG, and more!



• Capture events from external sources or using the keyboard for easy recall during data analysis.

• View/modify previously collected data.

• Use annotations to drive analysis workflow.

More information

  • Features
    • Synchronous Audio/Video Recording with up to 4 A/V sources
    • Flexible Acquisition Modes
    • Seamless Integration with MindWare Hardware and Laboratory 3rd Party Systems
    • Support for wireless data collection with the MindWare Mobile Impedance Cardiograph
    • Software update notifications
    • Multiple Event Recording Modes
    • Real Time Event Log
    • In line user defined event coding
    • Multiple Triggering Modes and Remote Control
    • Real Time Preview, Scaling, Filtering, and Wavemath
    • Apply up to 30 trends including mean, max, min, RMS, integral, AC, and DC to any channel during acquisition
    • Static Analysis available on any channel during acquisition or playback including Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis, and Peak Detection
    • Streamlined advanced analysis with MindWare Analysis Applications
  • Details
  • BioLab can quickly and easily acquire data from MindWare’s entire line of desktop and wireless hardware including the BioNex and MindWare Mobile instruments. It also has support for recording audio and video, allowing for the simultaneous synchonous acquisition of physiological data and up to 4 A/V sources.

    Laboratory integration is made simple with flexible triggering, two event recording modes, and D/A output control. Real time trending coupled with the ability to scale, filter, and apply wavemath functions to data makes real time analysis of data as easy as a few mouse clicks. Once a file has been recorded, Playback mode integrates all physiological data, video files, and event markers creating a truly immersive file viewing experience.

    Flexible recording and viewing modes as well as seamless compatibility with MindWare’s powerful line of signal processing software simplifies the process of setting up and collecting data to allow more time for scientific investigation. 

    Learn more about local & wireless data acquisition with the Mindware Mobile.